Saturday, January 09, 2010

Moore relents......just

Charles Moore,who famously refused to pay his license fee until Jonathan Ross was removed from the BBC,describes his resignation as

a victory for those of us who thought that Ross’s obscene phone calls to Andrew Sachs, and the BBC’s decision to broadcast them, marked an all-time low in the story of our cultural decline.
in his Telegraph column this morning

adding that

We suffer from a peculiar decadence in which our cosseted Establishment grovels to whatever it thinks is “subversive” or “cutting-edge”.

As for his refusal to pay the license fee

Ross is leaving the BBC in July this year, so at that point, but not before, I shall renew. It will be amusing to see if the enforcement bureaucracy pays any attention to what is happening, or just plugs on, chasing me for my “year out”.

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