Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday's newspapers

Chancellor Alistair Darling warns of severe cuts on the front of the Times this morning.He warns the paper to expect the worst slashing of budgets for 20 years and that severe spending restraints are “non-negotiable” if he is to bring down the £178 billion budget deficit.

And warning of further cuts lead in the Telegraph as it discloses that thousands of teenagers will be rejected by top universities which have toughened entry criteria after spending cuts ordered by Lord Mandelson,

Meanwhile the Guardian reports that

The world's biggest investment banks are expected to pay out more than $65bn (£40bn) in salaries and bonuses in the next two weeks, reinforcing the view that it is business as usual on Wall Street and in the City barely a year since the taxpayer bailout of the banking system.

The weather is not far from the headlines.The country is on the brink of running out of salt last night as the Government feebly conceded defeat in its battle against the big freeze says the Express.

Whislt the Independent reports that bitter winds and fresh snowfalls were forecast to bring further disruption to Britain during the weekend, as temperatures fell to their lowest level of the winter so far.

Meanwhile,Two brothers died and a third narrowly escaped alive when they fell through ice on a frozen lake, apparently while attempting to scatter cremated ashes.says the Guardian

Events in Angola make many of the main pages as bus carrying the Togo national football team, was attacked by gunmen as it travelled to the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament in Angola yesterday.

The Sun describes how Man City's Emmanuel Adebayor said "They shot at us for 30 minutes - all we could do was pray to God we'd live."

Heathrow Airport was at the centre of a security alert after three men were arrested following claims of bomb threats on a Dubai flight moments before take-off. reports the Telegraph

According to the Guardian,an aircraft passenger was removed from a plane by counter-terrorism officers after uttering a hoax threat as it readied for take-off, it was reported tonight.

The Mail has spoken exclusively to the pirates holding a British couple in Somalia.

Pay up or we'll shoot them.' and added that said time was running out
after negotiations to free them stalled. In a chilling exchange, they also revealed that 55-year-old Mrs Chandler has been brutally beaten and needs medical treatment.

The front page of the Independent reports that

The mesmerising saga of the toyboy, the Northern Ireland First Minister and his straying wife threatened to engulf Belfast's frail political settlement last night.

As the Telegraph explains,his wife Iris did not declare £50,000 she obtained to help her toyboy lover.

According to the Times,defence chiefs are considering plans to cede control of areas of Afghnaistan to US Marines so that the British can concentrate on securing the centre of the war-torn province.

The Mail claims that Gordon Brown may refuse to quit the Labour leadership even if his party loses to the Tories in a hung Parliament, Blairite ministers fear.

They believe the Prime Minister could cling on in the hope that David Cameron will be forced to hold a second election within months if he has to form a minority government.

Finally back to the snow and the Telegraph reports on a new phenonoma that has come to Britain.

known as snowrollers, snow bales and snow doughnuts, they form mostly in unusual conditions created by a precise combination of snow, ice, wind, temperature and moisture on the prairies of North America.

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