Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday's papers

The cold weather and the latest plot against Gordon Brown are combined well on the front pages this morning.

According to the Guardian,Gordon Brown was last night hoping he had survived another backbench coup attempt after extracting the most lukewarm statements of support from key cabinet ministers

Brwon fights off leadership battle...just says the Telegraph describing how the letter by Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt,

plunged Downing Street into crisis, with Mr Brown spending several hours trying to persuade Cabinet colleagues to dismiss the demands and support him.

Gordon Brown took yet more damaging blows to his authority last night as Cabinet colleagues offered only lukewarm backing as he fought off a coup mounted by two former ministers. says the Times

Whilst the Independent says that

Brown loyalists were furious that a third attempted coup since he succeeded Tony Blair in 2007 could derail Labour's general election effort by reminding voters of Labour's divisions and its doubts about its leader.

Has Labour got a death wish asks the Mail whilst the Sun's front page says the temperature is -10c and that is inside No 10

As the cold weather continues to dominate the Times reports that emergency measures were enforced yesterday to distribute dwindling salt supplies as industry chiefs warned that stocks could run out within four days if the “deep freeze” continues.

The Mail says that experts warned that Britain's economic output could be hit by as much as £14.5 billion over the next three weeks

Whilst the Telegraph warns of six more days of snow

The Express asks us to summon up the spirit of the Blitz to see out the worst winter in 100 years.

Many of the papers report that Northern Ireland's first minister, Peter Robinson, is facing questions over his role as the province's leading politician after he revealed tonight that his wife and fellow Democratic Unionist MP, Iris, had an affair.

He maintained that he would not resign, and would be back at his post this morning to meet the deputy First Minister, Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness. says the Independent

According to the Times,the demand for 'designer babies' will grow dramatically over the next decade,as science learns more about the genetic roots of disease,

Problems for Barack Obama as the Guardian reports that two senators have announced that they will not be running in the mid term elections after fears of a mauling.

Meanwhile the Times reports that US intelligence officials believe that the suicide bomb attack that killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan last month was planned with the help of Osama bin Laden’s close allies

The number of shoplifting incidents has risen by more than a third in the past year, costing retailers more than £1bn and leading to higher prices for customers.says the Independent

The Sun meanwhile reports that a bank manager stole nearly £1million in cash before she was caught,

Ania Wadsworth, 28, frequently walked out of the Lloyds branch in Golders Green, North London, where she worked with bundles of £25,000.

Finally a giant leap in the Guardian which reports that the oldest footprints ever made by four-legged creatures have been discovered by scientists,

forcing them to reconsider a critical period in evolution: the point at which fish crawled out of the water onto land to evolve into reptiles, mammals and eventually humans.

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