Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The top of the curve for twitter?

Growth in twitter is flatlining according to this report from Mashable.

According to web analytics firm Compete, Twitter’s (Twitter) U.S. traffic grew by 1.45%, from 22.48 million in November to 22.81 million unique visitors in December,
says the tech site and its thoughts on why?

1.Twitter’s growth isn’t stalling. Rather, these stats aren’t capturing Twitter users utilizing apps, a growing chunk of the Twitterverse.

2.Twitter itself has a limited appeal. Only a small amount of people “have something to say” on a consistent basis.

3.Twitter’s user retention rate is famously weak. The issue became public in April 2009, but has yet to be solved.

4.or many, Twitter hasn’t hit critical mass. Part of why people are on Facebook is because everybody else is on it. We may still be far away from that inflection point for the common Internet user.

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