Sunday, January 31, 2010

What are the Sunday's saying

A return to politics for many of the front pages.

The Sunday Times carries the lead that Gordon Brown is making secret plans to stay on as Labour leader after the general election even if his party is defeated.

According to the paper,he has told close colleagues that he will refuse to quit unless the Conservatives win a significant majority.

According to the Mail on Sunday,Well-placed sources claim Gordon Brown has physically attacked his staff in a series of outbursts in Downing Street.

The revelations,say the paper have come from a new book about Mr Brown by respected political journalist Andrew Rawnsley.

The Sunday Telegraph returns to the theme of expenses reporting that ministers and shadow ministers are among 70 MPs who lodged appeals after being told to pay back some of their taxpayer-funded Commons expenses after the paper has obtained a copy of the official ahead of Thursday’s publication of Sir Thomas’s report on the scandal.

Whilst the Independent on Sunday reveals that the man put in charge of policing MPs' expenses,Sir Ian Kennedy, took hundreds of door-to-door taxi journeys between home and work when he was boss of a health watchdog – and left taxpayers to pick up the bill.

Britain is firmly on the road to a sustained economic recovery, the chancellor, Alistair Darling,reports the Observer as a new poll from MORI survey shows a jump in economic optimism since the pre-budget report last December

It leads with an interview with Ed Miliband in which the Climate secretary warns of the danger of a public backlash against the science of global warming in the face of continuing claims that experts have manipulated data.

Not surprisingly the News of The World runs with John Terry who says the paper made his lover pregnant then paid for her to have an abortion.

The revelations had little effect on the field of play as the Chelsea defender showed barely a flicker of emotion after heading home Chelsea’s winner in their 2-1 victory at Burnley last night.

But adds the Sunday Times

Calls for him to be stripped of the England captaincy are growing but Fabio Capello is refusing to be bounced into a quick decision on Terry’s future.

And staying with sport everyone is preparing for Andy Murray's attempt to win a grand slam as the Observer reports

It will not be the Scot's priority when he walks on to the court at the Rod Laver Arena today, but beating Roger ­Federer in the final of the Australian Open would surely lay to rest the ­burden of being British and a loser at the highest level in his sport – the inconvenience of not being Fred Perry.

The fallout from Tony Blair's Chilcott appearance continues.Sir Richard Dalton, a former British ambassador to Tehran claimed his complaints about Tehran's interference in the post-war chaos was "a piece of spin" according to the Independent.

Meanwhile in the Observer,Reg Keys, whose son was one of six military policemen brutally killed in 2003, writes about the mix of fierce anger and deep sadness he felt as he watched the former Prime Minister

A diplomatic row in brewing in the Far East as China has cancelled all military exchanges with the US in a furious response to the proposed $6.4 billion sale of advanced missiles and helicopters to Taiwan by Washington reports the Telegraph

Meanwhile the Times reports that in a leaked document MI5 has accused China of bugging and burgling UK business executives and setting up “honeytraps” in a bid to blackmail them into betraying sensitive commercial secrets

A Sunday Express investigation has found that just one out of every eight police recruits has a frontline role protecting the public,

Despite widespread fears about the rise in violent crime in towns and cities, Britain’s overstretched police forces are failing to hire enough officers to bring order to streets terrorised by yobs.

The Independent carries a report on the house that mends coppers

Flint House could be the country retreat of a hedge-fund owner, or a plush hotel. Instead, it houses a little-known £4m-a-year rehabilitation centre for police officers suffering from physical injuries and stress. And it is looking to the taxpayer to pick up some of the bill.

Finally the Sunday Times reports that one of Britain’s most dangerous gangsters has been using Facebook to threaten and intimidate his enemies from a maximum security prison.

Colin Gunn, an underworld godfather who ordered the execution of two grandparents, has been able to correspond freely with up to 565 “friends” on the social networking site for the past two months.

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