Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Saturday's papers are saying

A miracle from the chaos says the Independent featuring a photograph which appears on many of the front pages.

It was the kind of moment that makes the hours of struggle worthwhile.says the paper.

Spanish firemen had battled for hours to reach him, a terrified toddler who lay trapped beneath tons of shattered concrete inside his home.

Meanwhile the Sun says that A bewildereed orphan cradled his baby sister yesterday amid Haiti's earthquake hell - and sobbed: "Please, please help us."

The Guardian believes that the death toll from Haiti's earthquake has climbed to as high as an estimated 140,000,as it describes how

Groups of men with machetes roved the ruins seeking supplies of food or water; others used corpses as roadblocks, a macabre sign that the capital had reached breaking point after four days of apocalyptic scenes.

A similar analysis by Tim Reid in the Times who describes how

They were bloated and rotting in the hot sun, many thrown together in a macabre embrace. I stared appalled, not daring to breathe, at more than 1,000 abandoned dead outside this devastated city’s central mortuary, enveloped in a hellish stench of death.

Away from central America,the Telegraph lead with a detailed U.S. intelligence report which concludes that Al-Qaeda has successfully restructured its global network and now has the capability to carry out a wide range of terror attacks against Western targets

Meanwhile according to the Guardian,Leading Sunni politicians have warned that Iraq was sliding towards a "dark unknown" in the wake of a decision to ban more than 400 Sunni candidates from contesting the upcoming general election.

The Times meets Anjem Choudary who tells the paper

I’m not going to stop propagating Islam. I can still talk with journalists ... we can still go out publicly and talk about Islam

26-year-old Alan Ellis ,who ran the Oink website and was the first person in the UK to be prosecuted for illegal file-sharing ,was unanimously acquitted of conspiracy to defraud says the Independent after telling jurors that he used the site he created in his bedroom while a student as a project to "better my skills for employability".

To politics and an article in the Guardian by the Prime Minister says he wants to create an aspirational middle class, and a society of social mobility in which the glass ceiling is not merely raised but broken:

Peter Mandelson tells the Telegraph that the new 50p higher rate of tax should be scrapped as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the Mail reveals the Muslim toyboy who's secretly married Boris's ex-wife

It leads with the news that eneergy companies will be cashing in on the cold weather saying that The 'big six' energy suppliers have refused to pass on a steep fall in wholesale prices to customers.

As the thaw starts,the Telegraph says that the worst of the snow may be over but icy roads and flash flooding pose a threat of new disruption this weekend.

Finally the Times reports that the world's worst banker has a new job.Sir Fred Goodwin started as a senior adviser to RMJM, the world’s fifth largest architecture firm, before Christmas.

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