Sunday, January 24, 2010

What the Sunday's are saying

With yesterday's raisng of the terrorism threat comes a new warning.

The Sunday Telegraph leads with the story that Al-Qaeda terror cells have trained a group of female suicide bombers to attack Western targets.

According to the paper

The women, who may have a "non Arab" appearance and be travelling on Western passports, have been prepared for their missions by the Yemeni group responsible for the operation to blow up an airliner over the United States on Christmas Day.

The Sunday Express adds that two women suicide bombers are ­plotting a terrorist outrage timed to coincide with a conference of world leaders being held in London this week,

Meanwhile according to the Times,fears that Islamist terrorists plan to hijack an Indian passenger jet and crash it into a British city helped to prompt this weekend’s heightened terror alert.

A large part of Manchester Airport was evacuated yesterday after a man attempted to carry an unidentified white powder onto a plane.reports the Mail adding that the powder - which the man was carrying in both his hand luggage and hold baggage - was later found to be harmless.

Two other topics of the week dominate in the Sundays.The Independent leads with an exclusive that Elizabeth Wilmshurst,A senior Foreign Office lawyer who quit in protest at the invasion of Iraq will tell the Chilcott inquiry that

there was confusion and infighting between officials and ministers over the legality of deposing Saddam Hussein without United Nations support.

The Observer has been told that Sir Michael Wood, who was the FO's most senior lawyer, is ready to reveal that, in the run-up to war, he was of the opinion that the conflict would have been unlawful without a second UN resolution.

Meanwhile the Mail on Sunday reports that vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years.

The second story of the week features on the front of the Mail on Sunday which reports that the parents of the two young boys left close to death after being tortured by two sadistic brothers have called for them to be named and shamed

Child welfare campaigners have called for a longer sentence to be given to the two brothers who tortured and sexually humiliated two young boys.reports the Telegraph

The News of the World reveals what it describes as the heartbreaking guilt of the Devil Brothers' third victim

According to the Observer,a government watchdog is ready to launch a snap inspection into Doncaster council,

as the Times reports that the man in charge of safeguarding children at the local authority had spent his career overseeing the production of pizza, pies and sausages before he was hired to run children’s services at Doncaster council on a salary of £103,000.

As the search for trapped survivors is called off in Haitii and the relief operation steps up,the Independent asks whether criticism of its pace to date is justified?

A clear message for those who confront burglers in their own home is made exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph by the Prime Minister who tells the paper,

he backed the decision by the Lord Chief Justice to reduce Hussain's sentence to a suspended term and added: "The law should lean as far as possible on the side of the householder."

Pitts all over procalaims the News of the World as it reveals that Golden couple Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie sign contract to split £205m fortune.

Most of the papers report the death of Actress Jean Simmons at the age of 80,

With her demure, doe-eyed beauty and sultry allure, Simmons - who died of lung cancer - made her debut on the silver screen in the 1944 film, Give Us the Moon. says the Telegraph


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