Sunday, January 10, 2010

Would Liddle be a disaster at the Indy?

This week has seen a fair amount of speculation about the future of the Independent with rumours that the Russian Billionaire Alexander Lebedev was close to purchasing the troubled group.

He may also bring in Rod Liddle as the new editor and combine the weekend edition into one with a set up similar to the weekend FT.There is also talk of it being given away during the week

It is still all specualtion of course but as Paperhouse reports

There can’t be many people with any affection for the Independent who are happy about the idea of Rod Liddle becoming editor.
reminding he readers that

Liddle was indirectly behind one of the great journalistic screw-ups of the Iraq war – as editor of Today, he recruited Andrew Gilligan, who both found an internal source to blow the whistle on the exaggerations and bad intelligence in the “45 minutes” dossier, and then ruined the story’s credibility by mishandling his quotes and revealing his source.

and that sinec then he has concentrated on "obnoxious opinionising for the Times and the Spectator."

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