Saturday, January 30, 2010

You focus on where the audience is going

Anyone contemplating a journalism start-up should think of getting a mobile presence first and then think of a computer application that plays off the application.

That's according to Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens,who says that if he were starting the Geek Squad today, it would not be providing support for computers, it would be all about tablets and mobile devices.

He adds

you focus on where the audience is going. They might not be there today, but the audience is going mobile first. So making it compatible with mobile. I’m amazed at the number of sites that I go to or I used to go to, that their sites look crappy on a Blackberry. They look crappy on an iPhone. So adapt for that first. Instead of expecting the phone to convert your website into a mobile version, go pure mobile.

You can see the interview here

Ht-Nieman Lab

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