Monday, February 01, 2010

It's a (fat) pipedream and nothing more.

I engaged in some twitter banter yesterday over the Tories announcement that they plan to deliver "superfast" broadband to the majority of Britain's homes by 2017.

Pie in the sky perhaps,after all 2017 is a long way in the future,the Tories would have to win two elections to bring that promise to fruition and we come to the old arguments about who should pay for it etc etc etc.

George Osborne today set out the party's proposals in an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr Show using what he termed market based solutions meaning that the government will not eb investing in the infrastructure.

As Adrian Slatcher pointed out to me on twitter

remember those wonderful canals & railways mostly built by Irish &Scots labourers, 4 the benefit of the rich

Surely hyper fast broadband is too important to rely on the wims of the private entrpreneur

As Martin Bryant also pointed out to me

t's a (fat) pipedream and nothing more.

I stand by what I also said on twitter,perhaps rather cynically but true

as with many things on the digital/media/creative world lots of talk but when it comes to paying for it........?

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