Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sun is not happy with the defence green paper and the slippery French

Just loving the Sun's reaction to yesterday's defence green paper.

Given its past history it has seized on the part that says we may amalgamate some of our forces with the French

This is what its leader says

if we have to join forces with the French, can we rely on them when the bullets start flying?......the slippery French didn't cover themselves in glory over Iraq. They cravenly opposed the 2003 invasion.In Afghanistan they have 3,500 troops compared with our 10,000.The French need more backbone if our nations are to march as one.

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Martin Belam said...

I've always argued that the infamous "Up Yours, Delors!" front page fails the substitution test. If you put 'Jew' or 'black' in place of the French cliches, it is outright bigotry.