Friday, February 05, 2010

What Friday's papers are saying

This rotten Parliament is the simple headline on the front of the Telegraph as it reports that more than half of our MPs have been found guilty of over-claiming on their parliamentary expenses. adding that Sir Thomas Legg's report

showed that abuse of the system was far more widespread than the few "bad apples" blamed initially for the scandal.

The Sun reports that Gordon Brown was yesterday exposed as the worst Cabinet offender in the MPs' expenses scandal - as he was ordered to give back £12,888.03 of taxpayers' cash.

Meanwhile the Times reports that the first criminal charges to result from the expenses scandal are expected to be announced today by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Among them was former Labour minister Elliot Morley, who claimed £16,000 interest payments on a property where the loan was already paid off says the Mail.

it was revealed that MPs have booked the subsidised entertaining facilities, with their plush furnishings and silver cutlery, some 8,000 times since 2004 to play host, in some cases, to people with no apparent links either to politics or good causes.
says the Independent

The Guardian leads with the continuing problems at Toyota reporting that its reputation was in danger of plunging into freefall tonight when it admitted investigating reports of brake faults in Prius hybrid cars in the US and Japan in a move that could trigger another recall.

The Independent has a broadside at the Tory party as it reveals that Chris Grayling, the man lined up by David Cameron to be the next home secretary, has received a stinging rebuke for manipulating official statistics.

Sir Michael Scholar, chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, has warned him that the way he used figures for violent crime were "likely to mislead the public"

For many of the Tabloids it is still football that dominates.The Sun has the video of Portsmouth manager Avram Grant leaving a brothel.

Whilst the Mail claims that John Terry's personal box personal box at Wembley is being 'touted out' for £4,000 a match.

According to the Mirror,John Terry shamelessly lied in an interview about the importance of honesty among England’s players.

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