Friday, February 19, 2010

What Friday's papers are saying

A debt crisis for Britain?

The Times warns that

Gordon Brown’s launch of a Labour election campaign promising economic recovery was in jeopardy last night as a record slump in tax receipts fuelled fears that Britain could slip back into recession.

whilst the Telegraph says that,Britain is at risk of a Govenment deficit crisis worse than that of Greece

Meanwhile a warning in the Independent whose survey has found that the number of town hall jobs to be axed as local authorities desperately attempt to cut running costs in the recession has risen to 20,000.

The other story of the day is the Mossad hit squad and the Mail leads with the continuing developments in the story with a report that says MI6 was tipped off that Israeli agents were going to carry out an 'overseas operation' using fake British passports,

Ministers are under pressure to explain whether they knew two weeks ago that British passports were used by a hit squad that killed a Hamas leader in Dubai says the Telegraph

The Guardian reports the comments of the emirate's police chief who said Interpol should help arrest the head of Mossad if Israel's spy agency was responsible for the killing of a Hamas commander in Dubai,

It leads with a report from the UN that says out the world's 3,000 biggest companies one-third of profits would be lost if firms were forced to pay for use, loss and damage of environment.

Two British soldiers have been killed while taking part in a major offensive against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan reports the Telegraph adding that the soldiers' families have asked for a 24-hour period of grace before more details are released.

The true face of the Tories says the front page of the Mirror as it reports how Sir Nicholas Winterton, the outgoing Tory MP for Macclesfield, has hit out at the new expenses culture at the House of Commons by saying he is "infuriated" he can no longer travel firstclass on trains.

Meanwhile according to the Guardian,The Conservatives have refused to back a proposed 200mph London-to-Birmingham rail route in a move that shatters the political consensus over a high-speed train network.

the Tories will not endorse a route proposal amid fears of a backlash from voters in the home counties and West Midlands whose homes may be blighted.

Many of the papers report that the court made famous for running a trial without jury has lost one of its defendants.

Peter Blake, 57, is being hunted by police after fleeing the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday afternoon. He is one of four men on trial accused of taking part in a £1.75m armed robbery at Heathrow Airport in February 2004.
says the Independent

Finally the Mail reports on the Pilot who'intentionally' slamned plane into an IRS building in Texas in revenge flight after feud with the taxman.

The pilot allegedly set fire to his house before taking his plane and aiming it at the government building in Austin, Texas.
One office worker was said to be unaccounted for and two more were taken to hospital with burns.

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