Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Thursday's papers are saying

The conroversy over the Dubai killing of a Hamas leader continues.The plot thickens says the Independent as it says the row sharply escalated yesterday with claims that he had been lured to Dubai by the Israeli intelligence services.

Whilst the Guardian reports that The Israeli ambassador has been summoned to the Foreign Office to "share information" about the assassins' use of identities stolen from six British citizens living in Israel, as part of the meticulously orchestrated assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

Meanwhile says the Telegraph, Gordon Brown pledged a "full investigation" into the use of faked British passports by the alleged hit squad.

The Sun is besides itslef with events in the South atlantic as it reports that a Type 42 destroyer HMS York was last night in waters off the islands' capital Port Stanley - spearheading a new British task force in the escalating oilfield drilling row with Argentina.

The Times says that

The sudden expansion of the dispute over territory followed the decree this week by President Kirchner requiring ships that travel between the Argentine mainland and the Falklands, or crossing waters claimed by Argentina, to seek permission from Buenos Aires.

It leads with news that it has recieved a letter suggesting that Labour’s Cabinet tour of the country is engulfed in controversy after it emerged that ministers were using the regional visits to stage party events before an election campaign.

in a leaked letter from Ms Harman seen by The Times, she made plans to meet candidates, officials and trade unionists from across the South West region to discuss campaign strategy.

Meanwhile the Telegraph says that Council chiefs in England and Wales have refused to disclose the salaries of thousands of senior staff,their excuse being that it would lead to a public outcry.

According to the Guardian,Labour is planning to rebrand one of its local authorities as Britain's first "John Lewis council", offering council tax rebates to residents in exchange for helping to run services, in a direct challenge to the Conservatives' pioneering "easyCouncil".

The Independent reports that radical plans by the Conservative party to allow parent groups, charities and trusts to set up and run their own schools have come under renewed criticism today after academics warned the flagship scheme would not improve the quality of education in Britain and may leave a budget black hole

The latest medical news from the Mail is that Women with breast cancer who take aspirin at least twice a week can more than double their chance of surviving, researchers say.

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The Guardian reports that Friends of Ray Gosling, the TV reporter who was arrested today on suspicion of murder, had known for more than a decade that he had killed his dying lover,

The Express is worried about immigration,no surprise there as it claims that UK bound migrants were yesterday massing in their own comfy members-only club in Calais before making their bid for Britain.

According to the Times,an analysis of the most recent accounts of Alexander McQueen’s British companies show that their current liabilities totalled more than £32 million

Many of the papers report that Tiger Woods is to make a public statement at the PGA tour's headquarters in Florida on Friday morning.

The Telegraph reports that It will be the first time the world has heard from the sexually shamed Woods since he went into hiding following his car crash at the end of November last year.

Disaster for Middle England as the Mail reports that lawns are turning pink

The harsh winter has led to the worst outbreak of snow mould for more than 20 years.
The fungal disease exists on many lawns without usually causing any problems. But when under a blanket of snow, it starts to thrive.

Finally the strange case of UFO's over Michael Howard's house in in many of the papers.

As formerly secret files containing the details of hundreds of close encounters with possible extraterrestrial life were released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) today,the Independent is one that reveals that

a large triangular UFO seen hovering above the home of the former home secretary and Conservative Party leader Michael Howard in March 1997. Eyewitnesses said they had seen a "humming" object the size of two passenger planes close to his house near Folkestone in Kent, but an RAF investigation found nothing unusual..

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