Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What Tuesday's papers are saying

Labour's spending cuts or not,the broken society and a top copper is jailed.

One of the world's leading economists has urged Gordon Brown to reject "fiscal fetishism", defy the markets and maintain, or even extend, the fiscal stimulus of the British economy. says the Independent as it tries to justify the parties spending policy.

The paper says that Joseph Stiglitz, warned that the financial markets were like a "crazy man" that could not be appeased with cuts to public spending.

A generation of school-leavers has been “abandoned” by Labour says the Telegraph.

University leaders said many of the brightest teenagers would be forced straight onto the “dole queue” after demand for courses soared by almost a quarter.

The Guardian reports on that Labour's manifesto team are examining proposals to encourage people to inform on benefit cheats.

The Times declares that we are living in a broken society.Its latest Populus poll finds that nearly three fifths of voters say that they hardly recognise the country they are living in, while 42 per cent say they would emigrate if they could.

Teflon Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years says the Mail describing how he swaggered around Scotland Yard believing he was above the law.

The Telegraph reporting how he was jailed for four years yesterday after he was finally exposed as “a criminal in uniform”.

Staying on the topic of the police,the Guardian reports the comments of Sir Ian Blaire who the paper says will

renew his attack on Conservative proposals for elected police commissioners across the country, saying they raise the spectre of Sarah Palin-style figures sacking police commissioners to protect themselves and their families.

The Sun targets one of its hate figures reporting that legalEGAL aid chiefs have seized jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza's house in a massive victory for taxpayers,

Many of the papers carry the story that Government troops arrested Sri Lanka's defeated election candidate yesterday.

Scores of soldiers last night surrounded the office of General Fonseka, where he was meeting with members of his political coalition, and "dragged him away" for questioning in a move that will raise fresh questions about the conduct of the government led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa
says the Independent

According to the Guardian,a fierce row over the future of the humble aubergine will be settled in India,

with a key government decision on the possible future commercial cultivation of genetically-modified strains of the plant. If permission is given, the aubergine will become the first GM foodstuff to be grown in India.

The latest on the John Terry affair and the Sun reports that Toni had a heart-to-heart phone chat with Victoria Beckham as she agonised over her husband's affair,

The Mirror claims that the Chelsea defender has told his family that he hopes to start again

Finally reports the Mail,an amphibious bus that can travel on water and roads was grounded todayless than an hour after taking to the water.

Trials of the bus on the River Clyde had to be abandoned because of a technical problem.
Operators Stagecoach were carrying out a two-day test and demonstration of the bus between Renfrew and Yoker this morning.

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