Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Remember how far the web has allowed us to come

A great article from Tech Flash which is entitled a world without newspapers.(H-t Sarah Hartley

It looks at print's increasingly fractious relationship with technology and some of its consequences,including thatWeb journalism is fast becoming the dominant form of news media and that nothing is ever final online.

However this for me is its most important contribution

The Internet has democratized media by shifting power from institutions to individuals.

It's worth a read just to remember how far technology has allowed us to come

The media world has evolved from a top down, command and control model into a complex ecosystem of mainstream media, blogs and user-generated content. It was once relatively clear where news came from (your local paper), when it would arrive (each morning) and who was the messenger (the longtime beat reporter).
and adds

Today, the news can come from anywhere, anybody, anytime. News, gossip, and rumor move instantly through the Web—often without the benefit of an editor attempting to separate fact from fiction. One important scoop can turn an obscure blogger into an influencer virtually overnight.

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