Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tories promise most "tech friendly government in the developed world"

The big digital news of the day is the launch of the Conservative manifesto on technology which aims to make the British government the most technology-friendly in the world to create new jobs and kickstart the recovery.

At its centre is a pledge to create the fastest high speed broadband network in Europe, helping to create 600,000 additional jobs.

Britain will become the first country in Europe to extend superfast 100 mbps broadband across most of the population. That pledge is up to 50 times faster than Labour's planned broadband network.

But the document also promises to open up government data and spending information whch according to the Tories will cut wasteful spending and also create an estimated £6 billion in additional value for the UK.

Amongst the pledges on that publish online every item of central government and Quango spending over £25,000 — including every contract in full.

2.all government tender documents for contracts worth over £10,000 via the existing Supply2Gov website. and

3.every item of local government spending over £500 — including every contract in full.