Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What Wednesday's papers are saying

One of the killers of James Bulger is back in prison and the tabloids this morning cover the story intensely.

Jon Venables, now 27, was locked up after breaching his parole. Depending on the reasons for the recall, he could now be facing a life sentence.says the Mail

He broke strict rules which include a ban on him contacting his fellow murderer Robert Thompson or the Bulger family
.says the Sun adding that

The mother of murdered James said last night that Venables' arrest was "justice" for her son.

Laurence Lee – Venables’ solicitor at his trial – said he was “shocked”.
He said: “If someone said to me that one of James Bulger’s killers had been returned to prison I’d have put a lot of money on it not being Jon, because he was by unanimous agreement the less evil of the two.”
reports the Mirror

The row over Lord Ashcroft continues.According to the Guardian,revenue investigators were last night facing demands to launch an inquiry into the tax status of Lord Ashcroft,

whilst the Independent reports that

William Hague has come under pressure to explain why he stretched his powers as Tory leader "to the very limits" in 2000 by begging Tony Blair to ensure that Lord Ashcroft was granted a peerage.

According to the Times,

Senior Tories expressed growing unease over the Lord Ashcroft tax saga as new evidence emerged to contradict the billionaire donor’s account of how he became a peer.

Events at the BBC are the main subject for the Telegraph.Acording to the paper,it will be forced to disclose its stars’ pay under a Conservative government as the centrepiece of measures to cut the cost of the public broadcaster.

The Sun reports that up to 600 jobs will be cut, with the £600million saved going into "quality" programming but adds that

last night 52 per cent of viewers insisted the cuts are NOT enough, and only 12 per cent said the BBC should increase the licence fee instead.

Whilst television matters also dominate many of the other papers.The Independent reports that

General elections will be transformed by an historic agreement reached last night under which Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg will face questions from voters in three 90-minute live television debates.

The Mail chooses to concentrate on the fact that it will take place in near silence after the broadcasters were forced to agree to a ban on clapping.

According to a joint study by the Guardian and the thinktank Civitas.

More than a third of NHS primary healthcare trusts, which fund hospitals in England, are running deficits that have led to a cutback in surgical operations and seen calls to close casualty departments,

Many of the papers report that South African President Jacob Zuma has urged the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe if progress is to be made in resolving Zimbabwe's political crisis.

The Mail follows up its lead story from yesterday as it reveals the gang of teens that stalks the streets around 'arson death' home

Last night neighbours pointed the finger at the notorious Overslade Crew, a gang of about 30 teenagers who have been known to set fires and smash bottles around Rugby, in Warwickshire.

Finally ahead of tonight's England friendly the Times reports the comments of their manager who has blamed the off-field problems that have threatened to undermine England’s World Cup hopes on the vast wealth accumulated by many of his players.

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