Thursday, March 18, 2010

A wind down for the moment

This blog started back in the autumn of 2006.It was really a way of keeping up with the media news and gossip as I began my journalism degree at Uclan.

Well three and a half years later,it has produced a lot of contacts,led to opportunities and introduced me to many friends and concepts.

But now it will be taking a back seat as I concentrate on my two new journalistic concepts.

North West Scenes began last summer and has been on the back burner for some time but things are gearing up for it.Secondly as I wrote on this blog a couple of weeks ago,InsidetheM60 will be launching soon providing news and information for the Manchester community.

The blog will continue but not with such great frequency and will talk more about the issues of setting up two hyperlocal sites,aimed at two distinct markets.

It will be an interesting adventure and I do hope you will keep following.

Don't forget you can always find me on twitter





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