Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mail launches another attack on Conway

Some of the coverage of the Derek Conway affair has reached fever pitch in the papers this morning and over at Three Line Whip Iain Martin is not very happy

Derek Conway has been a fool, will lose his seat and his activities have led to the humiliation of his family. However, there's something nasty and borderline homophobic at play now. The recreational activities of Henry Conway are not my cup of tea. My idea of a good 'club night' is a decent glass of claret and a steak at the Traveller's or Brooks's, but we should not begrudge others their idea of fun if it is legal. The Mail will argue that we, the taxpayer, have subsidised Henry Conway's 'flamboyant lifestyle' so we have a right to gawp and snigger. Well, possibly, but the coverage is becoming prurient and a bit unfair.

This is the start of the article by the Mail's Natalie Clark,and it is worth a read

Henry Conway is most assiduous about his responsibilities as walker to the most glamorous women in London; he can always be relied upon to make the effort.
Sometimes he adds a jaunty touch to his outfit, perhaps a peacock feather in his hair, or a fur stole, or maybe a parasol to shield himself from an invisible threat.
On a recent dinner date with Martine McCutcheon at The Ivy, he opted for his own particular interpretation of smart/casual, in tight black trousers, silk shirt and a silk scarf set off by a sapphire brooch.

It is strange that the Mail is the paper that more than any other that has gone for the juggular with Mr Conway-any ideas what he has done to upset Mr Dacre?

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