Thursday, January 24, 2008

A private or public matter

So when I become famous for 15 minutes do I want my holiday snaps from Flickr published on the web?

Over on the BBC editors blog Steve Herrmann

When is it acceptable for us to make use of personal pictures and video available on the internet?

And comments

With the growth of social networking and personal websites, it has become far easier for the media to get hold of such pictures. If we do use them, can this be justified?

I have a rather objective opinion on this. Anything published on social networking sites,is to me in the public domain and therefore its use can be sanctioned.Those that are published on personal well that is a different matter.There is a public interest issue which can overide this but in genreal terms permission should be asked.

Finally as Steve points out

The boundary between what's public and what's private isn't always easy to define online, and I think it’s also true to say it’s not something people always give a huge amount of thought to when posting.

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Rob said...

Interesting points, Nigel.
Because of the eclectic nature of my blog, I often include text and photos from various news sites. I always include a link to the original and hope/assume this avoids any copyright problems.
I've not found any information about copyright on the sites, or perhaps I haven't looked hard enough.