Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is more important ads or content?

Here's what normal people do when they can't find the content they paid for in their newspaper: They cancel. As they have been, in droves, over the past generation.

An interesting post on the economics of the print media over at Online journalism review.Robert Niles writes about the way that the newsprint media should put its best output in prominent places on its pages and not as he complains put adverts in the most prominent position.

But the contempt that newspapers show for their readers by burying their editorial content beneath their remaining advertising surely is not helping keep readers around.

And perhaps his most poingnant comment

Readers owe you nothing. They have no responsibility as citizens to read your reporting, and no responsibility as consumers to look at your ads. The have the right, and ability, to go about their lives without ever once glancing at your publication.

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