Friday, February 22, 2008

ABCE's show that there is an alternate market for online news

Yesterday's ABCe's contained some suprises perhaps none more so that the Mail's website rising up the hits chart and getting close to the Guardian site.

If this illustrates anything it is something that a lot of rush to new media forgets.It is not just the young that should be embraced.The older generation and obviously readers of the Mail ,and a lesser extent the Telegraph,do use the net,they have a lot of spending power and a lot more time on their hands than many of the younger generation.

The Mail saw its unique user numbers up by a staggering 164% year on year and 31% up on the previous month.

Yes we can all point to the death of Heath Ledger which sent people to the Sun's website but the Mail's success story shows that there is a market for a different sort of content.

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