Monday, February 25, 2008

Dumbing down-publish the story that attracts the young?

We had been tipped off that a recent addition to the teaching staff at Uclan,Michael Williams would be writing a piece in the Ios.
Our new addition writes on the ongoing debate in journalism

"Dumbing down" is a charge often thrown at us and the other "quality" media – and some of the most vocal critics are journalists themselves.

But according to Michael

So are we doomed – drowning in a sea of tittle-tattle about Amy, Lily, Britney, Paris, Cheryl – and guilty of bigging up the likes of Jemima? Sorry, but I don't buy it. It's nonsense to pretend that celebrity is something new. Even Dickens was a kind of celeb in his day and the latest twist was as much trailed as the latest 'EastEnders'.

After all he says

News has always had an entertainment value. Otherwise, as one writer put it, you'd be no more likely to buy a newspaper than to attend a sociology seminar

Yes agreed Michael but is this the way to go

The range of coverage is not getting worse or getting dumber. It's just getting different. One distinguished journalist I know says: "Before I file my copy I don't just ask the question, 'Does this interest me or my dinner party friends?' Instead, I ask, 'Does it interest my teenage children?'"

I am not sure that chasing the market is definetly the way to go.Newspapers and the media have a responsibilty to report events that can change and define our lives not those that keep our interest.Yes,it can sell papers but suppose in this drive for readership,we miss an important story.

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