Friday, February 01, 2008

The boundries of celeb culture?

The coverage of Britney Spears once again reaches meltdown in this morning's papers

The Abyss says the front page of the Mirror

Tormented Britney Spears was rushed to a mental unit yesterday in a meticulously planned military-style operation.
Police spent days plotting the move with her parents and shrink amid fears the star -who had not slept since Saturday - might kill herself

Britney's crazy 60 hours reports the Sun

The terrifying meltdown came after a crazed 60 hours, during which she:
SPENT days and nights driving aimlessly around city streets in her car;
FAILED to get any sleep - staying awake with a mix of prescription pills and 20 cans of Red Bull a day, and;
JABBERED constantly to herself in her bizarre British accent

Britney 'accuses mother of sleeping with photographer boyfriend' says the Mail.

Once again questions will be raised not just about the press's obsession with the singer but the effect that the constant hounding has on the fallen star.

So much so that it is being reported this morning that a photographer from the US magazine splash has quit his job over the aggressive tactics used by newspapers to get pictures

According to him via Press Gazette

The paps are completely out of control. It's not unusual to have 20 or 30 cars pursuing her at any one time. It's become acceptable to drive at 80mph down the wrong side of the street into oncoming traffic. I was horrified at what goes on. It's so aggressive, there are fights and crashes and slashed tyres. I felt I needed to say something

The parallels for a certain Amy Winehouse ring true as well.Again the subject of much coverage in the press this morning the Sun reports that

Amy is put on a drip in hospital

SINGER AMY WINEHOUSE was rushed to hospital and put on a drip as she battles to beat drugs, it was confirmed last night.
The crack-shame star, 24, was left dangerously dehydrated while going cold turkey fighting her addiction.
Amy was smuggled into the private London Clinic on Wednesday evening under a false name.
The Harley Street clinic is around the corner from Capio Nightingale hospital, where she is undergoing rehab.

Update-Alistair Campbell is at it again and contributes to the debate

Britney Spears: person or news commodity?
She's a great singer but obviously ill: we in the media have to decide to leave her alone

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