Friday, February 01, 2008

Oops my ship has just sent the world into financial meltdown

Just imagine the chaos that it would have caused here or in the States?

The severing of an underwater cable somewhere under the Mediterranian led to the loss of internet connections in much of the Middle East,South Asia and Australasia.

What suprised me was how fickle these lionks actually area.One underwater cable severed by a ship that was attempting to moor off the caost of Alexandria plunged bloggers financial institutions and all into complete meltdown.Many countries lost up to 70% of their capacity.

The Guardian reporting that

People just don't realise that all these things go through undersea cables - that this is the main way these economies are all linked," said Alan Mauldin, the research director of TeleGeography. "Even when you're using wireless internet, it's only really wireless back to your base station: the rest is done over real, physical connections

Is it not time for the internet providers to set up better and more secure systems

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