Friday, February 15, 2008

Bush,Obama and the Dogs

I can't resist it,"going to the dogs"

Staying with the New York Times,it is often interesting to see what is being searched for using a newspapers own search engine.

Currently on the New York Times topics we have the usual suspects,Bush,Obama,China,health,clinton,iraq but at No 10,........

Westminster Dog Show

Further investigation reveals that

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show had grand ambitions from its inception in 1877, when nearly 1,200 dogs trotted through the Hippodrome at Gilmore's Garden in New York City. Though that number was lower than promised – the show had hoped to attract nearly 1,500 to make it the biggest in the world – it was an auspicious beginning. By 1937, breeders, owners, aficionados and fans could see 3,147 dogs compete in breed, group and best-in-show competitions. Today, the annual event is the second oldest continuously held sporting competition in the United States, after the Kentucky Derby.

And furthermore

Uno the beagle’s best-in-show victory at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night attracted an average of 3.4 million viewers on the USA channel, up 23 percent from last year’s broadcast. USA’s Web site had a record day, with 5.5 million page views, up 63 percent from the same day last year.


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