Friday, February 01, 2008

Conspiracy theories at the Sun.

I have already asked the question why the Mail has,more so than many papers hounded Derek Conway out of office.

Iain Martin over at Three Line Whip has a theory about the Sun and why it carried the Cameron crime story on its front page yesterday.By running the story on the front and relegating Mr Conway to page 2 and laying off the verbal attacks he suggests a possible solution

on the day the Conway row exploded, Tuesday, Business Secretary John Hutton also announced that the government would force Sky to sell its shares in ITV and take its holding below 7.5%. It could leave Sky, which shares an owner with the Sun, facing a hit of as much £250 million.
Did any anger from the high-ups filter down to the Sun? Was the paper on the look out for a way to annoy Gordon Brown and show how powerful it could be with all its weight thrown behind the Conservatives?


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