Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Excuse me but I need to rant

Posting has been light(actually non existent) as my internet connection has been down.

Once again the problems with call centres raise their ugly heads.

I am with Tiscali,according to my computer I was not recieving a dial tone yet there was nothing wrong with the line.Then the fun and games begins.I ring the technical helpline.After putting in around 20 different numbers for the options,I am put into a queuing system.Thirty minutes I am left waiting with morose music playing interupted periodically by a women's voice thelling me that my call is of concern to them but all the operators are busy.Then finally an answer.I am assuming that I was speaking to someone on the Indian sub continent.I may as well have been speaking to a machine.The lady in question had a prepared script which no matter how hard I tried,she would not deviate from.Even having explained that I had already carried out all the checks that she was proposing and telling me that the phone was working from their end,she could not be deflected.

Then she has the gall to wish me a nice day (complete with American accent) and asks if there is anything else she could do.Well yes you could repair my connection.

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