Thursday, February 14, 2008

Inconsistencies in Newsnight

Over at Three Line whip Iain Martin has some harsh words to say about Newsnight

There are moments when it seems that the best thing to do with Newsnight would be simply to close it down. Its impulses and inclinations are so statist and predictably soggy liberal (a criticism its staff would be baffled by, proving the point that they rarely if ever meet any of the many of us with a world-view different from theirs).

What has particully upset Iain is the contrast in reporting standards.He points to the coverage of the Speilburg/China story which was covered

properly last night in a manner which made the license fee worth paying.

Contrasting with

its discussion on Andy Burnham's Stalinist directive on five hours of compulsory culture for junior comrades

It would not occur to most Newsnight staffers that there could possibly be philosophical objections to such a plan. So, two perfectly nice guests were invited on to argue about the implementation of this madness and their definition of the word culture. That there are more deep rooted concerns which might make one suspicious of such a scheme did not come into it.

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