Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kampfner quits

So what has been happening at the New Statesman?

Its Editor,John Kampfner resigned yesterday with immediate effect,literally putting this week's magazine to bed and then telling the rest of the staff that he was leaving.

The rumour mills are out with some saying that his long term relationship with the magazine owners Geoffrey Robinson was not a good one

According to Guardian media

One source with knowledge of the magazine said the departure had been on the cards since Christmas, after the relationship between Robinson and Kampfner broke down.
"Geoffrey thinks too much money has been spent on redesign and marketing for too little return," the source said.

Iain Dale says

Reading between the lines it seems perfectly clear that he has had a big fallout with the NS owner, Geoffrey Robinson MP.
and believes it may be to do with tht fact that

Kampfner has been notably lukewarm in his opinion of Robinson's hero Gordon Brown (who he funded to a lavish extent when in opposition).

Whatever the reasons,Kampfner has been a great asset to the weekly magazine and I fr one will miss his input.I wish him well with whatever venture he follows

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