Tuesday, February 26, 2008

News is no longer economically sustaining

Yet another report on the future of newspapers.(via Poynter Online)

newspaper companies will have to venture farther afield and become the indispensable guide to everything that anyone in their local community needs to know to live there. And provide all kinds of solutions for all kinds of needs for virtually every local business.

Published last week by Newspaper Next 2.0,and 110 pages long,one thing that journalists might be interested in is the fact that

news is still part of the core in this concept of the future, but it is quickly dispatched as "not big enough" to be economically sustaining
and concludes that for newspapers

the pace of change is unprecedented but not quick enough; most projects are too small and too slow to develop revenue on the scale needed. So the report urges newspapers companies to "make the leap" beyond news or even news and information. Newspapers should be venturing into unfamiliar territory like online promotions, e-mail advertising and tailoring events information into a personal planning calendar -- as well as finding creative solutions for business beyond traditional advertising

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