Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A return to the good old days

How Times have changed.With most of the press spending the last few days gunning for the speaker of the Commons,over at Three Line Whip,Philip Johnson reminds us of a time when things were different.

In December 1956, the Sunday Express ran an article criticising MPs over the allocation of petrol allowances at a time of rationing brought on by the Suez crisis. Written by John Junor, the editor, it read: "Tomorrow a time of hardship starts for everyone. For everyone? Include the politicians out of that…"
The MPs were furious. They accused Junor of contempt of parliament and constituted the fearsome Committee of Privileges to consider the case.
Junor was summoned to appear at the bar of the House where he was reprimanded by the Speaker. With a good deal of dignity, he apologised "for any imputation or reflections which I may have cast upon the honour and integrity of the Members of this House

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