Monday, February 11, 2008

The rush to replace old media but with what?

the rush is on to effectively replace old media (newspapers, radio, TV) with new media (websites, mobile devices). Young people have, according to conventional wisdom, left the old for the new, as young people have done since time immemorial. By the end of this decade no person – on the planet – under age 30 will remember a day without the mobile phone or Web.

According to Michael Hedges writing on Follow the media this morning.

But is it the way to go?Media organisations have been literally falling over themselves to move to the platforms that youngsters are supposedly using in an attempt to maintain readership and more importantly advertisers.

And then of course what do they do when they grow up and have the spending power that will attract advertisers.

For media content providers this means deciding between becoming a destination and facilitating a network. Old media has great comfort – and experience – as a destination. Turn on the telly to watch a program. Open the newspaper to read the sports scores. Listen to the radio for music. Oops, you see the problem. All of that content is readily – and more easily – accessible through new media.

A study by The German radio broadcasters marketing organization RadioZentrale suggests that identifying this media may be more difficult that most imagine

Young persons are constantly searching for new impulses and they experiment with innovative, multi-sensual media,” said RadioZentrale Managing Director Lutz Kuckuck. “Their time budget is distributed across several media

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