Monday, February 11, 2008

A new prespective on Middle East reporting

Press Gazette are reporting that

A British journalist has launched a pan-Arab English-language current affairs magazine to highlight topical issues from the Arab world, reported from an apolitical stance

The magazine is called the Arab and will be published 6 times a year,the journalist behind,Anna Costin, is a a British journalist of Syrian descent.

According to its website it

"aims to publish original, refreshing articles which go beyond the region's multi-dimensional conflicts - an area which dominates traditional coverage of the Arab world. Popular myths and stereotypes are challenged, to show an often hidden side of the region."

Available by subscription only,the first issue will report on

Civil society's role in bringing peace to Palestine-Israel

Indonesia and the Middle East peace process

Beirut's nightlife - past and present

Investigative journalism in the Levant

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