Thursday, March 06, 2008

It was 5 years ago today

Greg Mitchell writing on Editor and Publisher reminds us of a 5 year anniversary.

Five years ago tonight, on March 6, 2003, President Bush conducted a televised press conference – less than two weeks before he would order the U.S. invasion of Iraq -- stating in his intro, “We will not wait to see what terrorists or terrorist states could do with weapons of mass destruction.”

It was a time as Greg reminds us that journalism failed in its role as the 4th estate,something that some organisations have yet to get over.

As Greg describes

It was the mood of the affair that was most noteworthy. Bush smiled and made his usual quips, and many of the reporters played the game and did not press him hard. This was how these press gatherings had gone throughout the run-up to war. But this meeting was heavily scripted with Bush looking at a slip of paper and calling on reporters in a pre-arranged order. No one challenged him on this.

To make up for it,he lists the qusetions that should have been asked including

If our allies have the same information on WMD -- and the Iraqi threat is so real -- why do some of our friends refuse to take part in your coalition?

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