Thursday, March 06, 2008

Express shock horror as Southern Britain will soon turn to the Sahara

Rather a strange front page from the Express this morning.Perhaps shamed by the Mail's stance on plastic bags,it devotes its lead story to the news that

MILLIONS face water rationing and soaring bills as experts warned that Britain is heading for a drought crisis.
A growing population and increasing demand for water means that the country is as much at risk as the Sahara Desert.

Typical Express as the inhabitants of Middle England ae told

Overcrowded South-east England is already suffering “severe water stress”, putting it in the same bracket as Saudi Arabia, North Africa, India and eastern Australia. But analysts fear that within 20 years a “parched zone” will spread across the country from the Bristol Channel to the Norfolk coast and north of the Midlands

And watch out

standpipes would become common across large swathes of the nation and shock horror and

The wealthy will be able to insulate themselves to some extent. It will be ordinary families who will be hardest hit

Where do they get their stories from?

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