Monday, March 17, 2008

Now the Beeb is bias against Ken Livingstone

Labour Home reckons that the BBC are exhibiting a case of anti Ken Livingstone.

The site comments that

Take today’s interview of Ken by Adam Boulton on Sky. Ken repeated what he had said before – that bendy buses have been popular where they’ve been brought in, but they’re only needed on a few busy routes, so there’s no plan to extend it further.
This has now been followed up on the BBC as a u-turn story, saying he’s declared no more bendy buses. There were never going to be any more – but it’s linked under the headline “Mayor to dump bendy buses”.
Then there’s the reporting of the £100 million hole in Boris Johnson’s transport plan. It’s barely been covered on BBC news. A huge planning gaffe that independent experts have verified has gone virtually unnoticed on the beeb. That should have been a major election issue this week.

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