Monday, March 17, 2008

Talking the talk while walking the digital walk

Via Roy Greenslade who has been alerted to a new blog by Richard Waghorn called Out with a bang which is dedicated to

Talking the talk whlist walking the digital walk which

in short how we can ever hope to make a difference when it comes to the survival of quality local journalism

Richard is inspired by the words of Clay Shirley

“In the same way that there’s a split between the music industry and the recording industry, there’s a split between writers and the newspaper industry.
“The recording industry is in trouble but the music industry is not, because musicians still make music and people still care about music enormously. The people who sell plastic circles with the music on it, on the other hand, are in real trouble.
“So if you base your business model on producing plastic circles, or, by analogy, staining wood with ink, you’re going to be in trouble.
“Do people care about good writing? Of course they do, and it’s the writers who can adapt to the new technologies. The only technological innovation that the newspaper industry is waiting for is a time machine so that it can turn back the clock

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