Saturday, March 15, 2008

A way to get young people interested in the news

An interesting post by Martin Moore on a subject much written about on this blog,the youngs lack of interest in Hard News.

Martin laments

Us older generations (i.e. post 35) have spent alot of time over the last decade lamenting the decline of 'news duty' amongst the young

This lament has slowly died down as we older generations ourselves have become less and less prone to plough dutifully through a daily paper and then sit patiently through a couple of evening news bulletins

He claims that the younger generation have taken a new step,active participation and points towards a site called Avaaz

Avaaz is not a news outlet in the sense most of us would understand one. It doesn't have breaking news stories. It ignores lots of world events most of us would see as significant. It has no big name columnists voicing their opinions.
Instead, it motivates. It stimulates. It galvanises people to take action.

It is an interesting development and will hopefully encourage young people to participate more in matters that should concern them a lot more

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