Sunday, March 16, 2008

A blast from the grave?

This morning's Independent claims that the late Bill Deedes did not hold the owners of the Telegraph in high regard.

Quoting from Stephen Robinson's biography, The Remarkable Lives of Bill Deedes, to be published on 27 March it claims,

he was so disillusioned following the arrival in 2004 of the reclusive Barclay brothers, Sir David and Sir Frederick, as owners, that he considered resigning, believing the new regime to be "a stinking mob" and "bullying".

And speaking of their plans which included staff cuts and bringing in staff from the Mail,

"This was a newspaper they were ready to pay £660m for but it was being produced by an unsatisfactory staff. "Not a word of encouragement or praise came the way of the journalists who produced this high-value newspaper, though reason suggests they must have had something to do with what the Barclays had paid."

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