Monday, December 29, 2008

Forget chasing the net,create a newspaper for the 21st century

the newspaper industry has suffered from the same arrogance and greediness for profits that made it turn a blind eye to the direction of the nation's social conscience. Though publishers were aware that segments of their readership, especially future readers, were becoming much more environmentally conscious, the industry's attitude was along the lines of "they'll get over it."

Agree? Well this the opinion of Marisa Trevino writing at the Huffington Post.

It is a thought provoking piece not least because he feels newspapers have got it wrong in chasing the internet

enormous amounts of newspaper budgets went into trying to innovate the product itself to appease readers based on two misperceptions: people don't like to read anymore and they only like to get their news from the Internet, a.k.a. their computers.

But says Marisa,people do like to read just look at how many blogs are read and secondly and more importantly

it makes sense that people want what only the Internet can offer when it comes to news -- "immediate knowledge."


Instead of pouring money into innovating their products into mere shadows of what they used to be, the industry should be working together to create a standardized delivery method that mimics the traditional attributes of the newspaper while implementing today's technology.

It is an argument that has been aired before of course,the newspaper can still provide contemt that people want to read but that is not gouing to be intant news,the internet can do that.
Yet are people prepared to pay for the newspaper magazine journalism,look at the lack of success of the Indy?

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