Monday, December 29, 2008

How comics are surviving the changing media environment

Something that is not written about much when pontificating about the media is comics.

Yet they display all the attributes that have led to the decline of other media,being predominantly in print,read by a age segment that doesn't want to read etc etc etc.

Yesterday's New York Times asked What do you do when the distribution method you have relied on for more than a century begins to falter?

Well two syndicates have revealed their hand

In November, United Feature Syndicate, which distributes 50 comics, including “Peanuts,” “Dilbert” and “Get Fuzzy,” made its full archives and portfolio available free on its Web site. The company also added social networking features for tagging and rating comics. Visitors can have comics sent to them via e-mail or RSS feed.

And others are following suit,deciding that subscription is not the method to attract readership,and using distribution channels such as I-phone and Facebook

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