Saturday, December 06, 2008

How Murdoch is planning a move for the NYT

More evidence that Rupert Murdoch has his eyes firmly set on the acquisition of the New York Times

The New York Times is Mr Murdoch’s “favourite train wreck”, writes his latest biographer, Michael Wolff, who had unprecedented access to the tycoon, his family and his employees.
reports this week's addition of the Economist adding

I’ve watched [Mr Murdoch] go through the numbers, plot out a Times merger with the Journal’s backroom operations,” writes Mr Wolff. “He has conjured, too, how in Murdoch style, he might convince the Sulzbergers to let him in, if he promises to leave Arthur in charge—and how he could then make Arthur his puppet.”

And there is a fair amount of speculation that the Sulzberger family may be coming under pressure as

Ultimately, the Bancrofts lost the (Wall Street)Journal because the family was torn apart by intergenerational warfare: the younger family members, who had no real connection to the newspaper business, were keen to sell and thus bank their inheritance. There are reports that the fifth generation of Sulzbergers is similarly restless,

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