Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The last days or a nostalgia trip

As Xmas approaches are we seeing the last days of that televisual feast known as Xmas day watching.

As for Tv generally the days of 20m plus viewers sitting down to Morecombe and Wise or the Generation game on Xmas night are long gone in our new media world of segmentation,niche etc.

Nick Clark writing in this morning's Independent goes a stage further

Thursday could be the last Christmas Day on which everyone in Britain watches the same programmes at the same time. As the boundaries increasingly blur between technology, telecommunication and media companies, and mobile phones and laptops can be used to watch videos, the television industry is preparing for unparalleled change.
and according to Ben Keen, chief analyst at Screen Digest,

"There is a shift in the way viewers engage with television, as they use different devices and via different formats. Broadcasters have to react to this. It is no longer about providing one linear channel; they have to engage with their viewers as much as possible in as many different ways."

Personally I think that Xmas will remain Xmas and may actually become the one day of the year barring England getting to the final of the world cup when everyone sits in front of the telly.
Maybe it will even become a day for nostalgia as we remember in our old age,the golden days of 1970's televsion

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