Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Local papers still can do good journalism

One of the worries as the media industry contracts at a alarming rate is that its coverage of what I would term issues essential for the general public to be made aware.

One of these is climate change and it was thus heartening to read over at CJR of the
exploits of Tom Henry, environment reporter for the Toledo Blade in Ohio.

Tom was sent by his paper to Greenland to produce a a four-part series on global warming.

Critics often complain that such ambitious (and expensive) reporting is only doable at major publications like The New York Times, and perhaps that’s largely true—but these climate series are a reminder that all is not lost in our troubled industry.
writes the review

You can read all of Tom's articles HERE

The trip obviously had a profound effect on the reporter

Changes occurring to Greenland should be a wake-up call for the rest of the world. Or, to put it simply… It’s about you and me and our ethics. That’s right. Our ethics.”
he writes

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