Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The future must be about maximising the value of our content

I see that the head of Channel 4 Andy Duncan is not particually taken by remarks yesterday about the possible merger of his channel with Channel 5.

He told the financial times that the solution for four should be what is best for Britain and rejected the overrtones of RTL as not being commercially viable.

According to the paper

any proposed merger with Five does not address the need for structural change in the UK TV industry.
“Consolidation could only be part of the solution if it takes place within a new industry structure – and only after that structure is in place,”
“Even then, if the subject is Five, the limited and short-term cost savings would largely be swallowed by offsetting Five’s increasing losses and Channel 4’s contribution to public service broadcasting would diminish.
“The future must be about maximising the value of our content.”

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