Thursday, January 29, 2009

Go online says Greenslade to the Indy

I understand that Simon Kelner has already dismissed it but it is worth reading Roy Greenslade in last night's Evening Standard.

The Independent has taken risks in the past. Now, surely, it's time for the paper's owners to make the most revolutionary leap of all. It should stop publishing its newsprint editions and go entirely online

His logic is to build on the sucess of the online operation

Despite INM's initial reluctance to acknowledge the growing potential of internet news outlets and its misguided attempt at first to charge users, The Independent website is not doing too badly at all nowadays. It is certainly growing its audience rapidly, having registered 8,408,910 unique users in September, an increase of 93% compared with the same month last year.

and scrap all the costs associated witgh print bu going exclusively online.The big if aboout this is that online advertisers are unwilling at the moment to pay the rates needed to pay for quality journalism,an argument that Kelner will no doubt continue.

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