Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How TV may benefit from recession

Interesting article in the Guardian this morning which reports that Deloittes say that the recession could be good news for the TV industry as more people will stay at home amd watch rather than go out and spend.

The report adds that viewing hours tend to increase in tough times as consumers stay at home and digital switchover, taking place region by region between now and 2012, could boost viewing even more.

You can read a synopsis of the report HERE and it says that

One of the boosts that television is likely to receive is in viewing hours, which tend to be counter-cyclical. Indeed, in the latter half of 2008, average viewing hours were already rising in some major markets as consumers increasingly entertained themselves at home21. Viewing hours may be boosted by digital switchover, one impact of which is to increase the number of channels available to consumers. Overall, in 2009, viewing is likely to rise by 30 minutes per week per viewer.

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