Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Channel 4 has an enemy

The Telegraph's Iain Martin has asked in the light of this morning's Ofcom report,what is the point of Channel 4?

I don't think that the paper has ever been a great fan of the channel ever since the bad language that greeted the opening episodes of Brookside but according to Iain,

I can see that there is a point to its existence for all of the people who work for it in that big shiny building in Horseferry Road. But I'm struggling to work out what's in it for the rest of us.
It claims a public service element, but I'm a member of the public and I haven't been served by it for years.

Oh Dear,it seems the Iranian president head to head with the Queen may have been the final straw

If it goes off air, the old test card could be shown in its place. That would provide more of a public service than the existing Channel 4.

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